Uneven shoulders? Is one shoulder higher than the other?

Uneven shoulders, this Topic is very very dear to my heart and I know how it feels to have uneven shoulders, especially when one shoulder is higher than the other. I had this problem 6 years back but today it is not and I am proud of myself that I was able to fix this most complicated case where one shoulder is higher than the other. If you go on the internet and search for a solution, you will not get the right answers since nobody has ever faced uneven shoulders themselves and can only advise but cannot give the exact solutions.

My story of uneven shoulders – One shoulder higher than the other

I had a very strong desire to get fit and always wanted to have a good physique. So I started to do exercises, but I had muscle imbalance in my body and I ignored it and that cost me badly. One day I was doing a pull-up exercise and my body felt extremely painful shock but it was for a few sec and I couldn’t recognize what exactly happened to me. I stopped the exercise and went to sleep but the next day when I saw myself in the mirror I was shocked, my left shoulder was higher than the right. I still remember that day I was not able to sleep and was checking myself in the mirror daily hoping that my uneven shoulders come back to a normal position. I consulted many physiotherapists, orthopedic doctors which were of no use, and then I decided to fix my uneven shoulders and it took me 6 years to find the right solution, and today I can say that I can fix my uneven shoulders in 1 month, But results will start from day one. If you want me to help you in fixing your uneven shoulders then please do contact me on my mail, because during my time there was no one who was there to help. If you do not want to discuss your problem with me then you can check out my book How to fix muscle imbalance also available on Amazon and Google play this will help you to solve the problem and also it is written in easy language. Below you will find some frequently asked questions asked by my website visitors who have contacted me to fix their muscle imbalance problems.

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I have one shoulder rolled forward does it means I have uneven shoulders?

Yes if you have one shoulder that is rolled forward and makes you feel like your hand is hanging and support less then you have uneven shoulders with uneven shoulder height as well.

Does uneven shoulders is the reason for uneven shoulder blades?

Frankly, your shoulder blade cannot be uneven if you have uneven shoulders. It only makes you feel that way since there will be an unequal gap between your spine from shoulder blades and surely you will have uneven pecs also, I suggest checking out my article on How to fix uneven pecs.

Does one shoulder higher than the other cause neck pain?

Yes, this is 100% true your uneven shoulders where one shoulder will be lower than the other will have elongated and weak muscles which will cause neck pain.

Do uneven shoulders cause scoliosis?

I want to say that muscle imbalance means scoliosis is a completely wrong assumption. Yes if you have a vitamin deficiency by which you are having uneven shoulders then you must consult the doctors. But if you have muscle imbalances caused by your dominant side then you do not need to worry and think that you have scoliosis.

Can I fix uneven shoulders by bodybuilding exercises?

I too had this question initially, but when I tried the bodybuilding exercises to fix uneven shoulders, it never worked, but it increased muscle imbalances. If you are interested in knowing the time taken to fix the muscle imbalances then you must check out my article on How long does it take to fix muscle imbalance and posture