Ultimate guide in 2021 | How to fix uneven pecs and correct chest muscle imbalance

Searching for the answer on how to fix uneven pecs, how to fix uneven chest with push-ups, how to fix uneven chest at home, and want to correct your chest muscle imbalance then my friend you are at the right place. You will never get the information provided here anywhere on the internet. Even I was searching on the internet six years back and I didn’t get the authentic information on fixing uneven pecs, after reading lots of anatomy books and through the self-assessment, I was able to fix my uneven pecs and correct all my body muscle imbalances and through this post, I want to tell you that fixing muscle imbalance will be easy if you understand the science on how human biomechanics work. Let’s start first by understanding what does exactly meant to have uneven pecs or to have muscle imbalances in the chest.

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Understanding uneven pecs and chest muscle imbalances in detail

In simple words, uneven pecs are that one side of your chest is bigger compared to the other or to be more correct one side of your chest muscles are stronger compared to the other. In most cases, right side chest muscles are bigger than the left for the obvious reason that most people in the world are right-handed. There will be few cases where people will have left side chest muscles bigger than right. Now let us understand more in detail.

Example for Right side chest is stronger then left side

Let’s understand which muscles are strong and which muscles are weak. for example, if you are right-side dominant obviously you will have right-side chest muscles stronger and left-side chest muscles are weak. If I want to explain in Anatomy language your right side pec major and pec minor is stronger and left side pecs are weak vice versa. Even you get this information everywhere but you don’t know that you will have right back muscles weak and left-back muscles stronger that is you will also have uneven lats in your back muscles, this is the key point that you need to understand if you want to fix your uneven pecs this secret information you will not get anywhere on the internet. The muscles in the back on the right side that are weak are Rhomboids, Lats, Mid trapezius, and lower trapezius, and the same muscles on the left side are stronger its vice versa. In simple words to correct your muscle imbalances in the chest you must know the strong muscles and weak muscles, now let us get in more detail.

What is the function of chest muscles? it is to push some weight away from your body now just imagine you are pushing something or doing a dumbbell bench press with your right hand, If you want to fix your muscle imbalance you need to understand here that there are many groups of muscles involved to do that pushing movement that includes your shoulder muscles as well so you need to identify the synergistic muscle groups which help the pecs and also identify the antagonist muscle group that works against the pec muscles to fix uneven pecs. Before knowing what exercises you should do to fix uneven pecs let’s understand other symptoms of chest muscle imbalances.

Chest muscle imbalance symptoms

  • One side of chest bigger then other
  • Twisted thoracic spine or twisted core.
  • One side shoulders rolled forward causing uneven shoulder heights.
  • After workout feeling soaring/Pain more on the stronger side or uneven soreness after workout.
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Chest pain
  • Pain in Rhomboids and Excess tension on Trapezius muscles causing headaches
  • Inhibition of Antagonist muscles
  • Uneven rib cage tilt
  • Functional Scoliosis
  • Sweating more on the stronger side
  • Temporomandibular disorder (TMD or TMJ)

Causes of uneven pecs and chest muscle imbalance

  • Dominant side – Obvious the main reason for chest muscle imbalance is that you are dominant on one side of your body.
  • Excess One sided rotational movements – Sports that involve rotational movements like cricket and tennis were you do lot of rotational movements and while doing this movements will cause uneven pec development. Rotational movement include picking the ball and throwing, playing pull shots etc.
  • Improper Stretching exercises – Human body is one side dominant it’s okay but what increases the muscle imbalances is the improper and incorrect stretching exercises or not stretching after a workout. Muscles are like rubber if you stretch your muscle for less than 60 seconds it will shrink and compress more which will be the opposite of stretching. so do stretching exercises after a workout and stretch for more than 60 seconds.
  • Poor form – If you do any exercise and if you don’t keep your spine straight you are giving an invitation to muscle imbalance.

What if you don’t fix uneven pecs or correct chest muscle imbalances ?

If you have uneven pecs and you don’t correct I am very sure you will injury your shoulder during workouts. Most of the injuries that are caused while doing bodybuilding or weight lifting exercises are due to muscle imbalances. Muscle imbalances in the chest will cause uneven tension in the muscles and it can cause bone dislocation, shoulder impingement, and muscle tear. Frankly speaking, if you have uneven pectoral muscles and you don’t involve in workouts just because you don’t want to get injured but in the long term when you become old you will have chest and shoulder pain, so it’s always better to correct as soon as you come to know about muscle imbalance anywhere in the body. Muscle imbalance or uneven pecs can cause your spine to have an unnatural curve like s-curve or c-curve leading to functional scoliosis in the future and you may have to undergo surgery in the worst case to straighten the spine.

Exercises to fix uneven pecs and correct chest muscle imbalance

Many people have asked me that do we need a personal trainer to fix the muscle imbalances ? or can we fix uneven chests at home? the answer is yes there is no need for a personal trainer and also no need to go gym you can fix muscle imbalances at home. I see many people on YouTube telling if you need to fix your muscle imbalance you need to work out your weaker side more than the stronger it can help you but it will take years to correct. If you want to correct like within a month it is 100% (My future goal is to develop the exercise that can fix muscle imbalances in 10 days) possible but for that, you need to understand the science of muscle imbalance because everyone has muscle imbalance based upon there habits which need to be identified to correct. Here I will tell you some exercises to help you correct your muscle imbalance. Please note this exercise has to be done in the sequence provided below. If you want to understand the science of muscle imbalance, I have written a book Human Biomechanics optimization where it is discussed in more detail and is written in a very easy language where anybody can understand, and by doing self-assessment you can fix your muscle imbalances. Along with the uneven pecs, there are high chances that you may have uneven shoulders, I suggest checking out my article on uneven shoulders.

Exercises for the uneven chest muscles were right side is stronger then left

Stretching Exercises first

  • Stretching Pec Major, Pec minor (Right side) more then 60 Seconds to 5 Minutes
  • Stretching Biceps and triceps (Right side) more then 60 Seconds to 5 Minutes.
  • Stretching Lats (Left side)
  • Stretching Rhomboids, Mid and lower trapezius (Left side)

Strengthening Exercises second

  • Strengthening Lats, Rhomboids and trapezius muscles with Rowing exercises (Right side)
  • Strengthening Pec major and pec minor by one sided push ups by rotating your body (Left side)

The above Exercises should help you in fixing your uneven chest but if you want to have a permanent and quick fix, I recommend you check my 36 page eBook or order paperback of Human Bio-mechanics optimization which is available on Amazon across all the markets at very affordable price. Once you understand the science behind muscle imbalance, you can start getting results and a balanced body from day 1 (Trust Me).

Frequently asked questions on Uneven pecs correction

How to fix uneven chest with push-ups?

The most important thing you need to consider here is that your chest is uneven because one side is dominant and if you stretch the dominant side more compared to the weaker or smaller side then only your push-ups can help activate the weaker side and can balance out your body.

Do uneven pecs cause scoliosis?

There are two types of scoliosis structural and functional and if you ignore your muscle imbalances in your chest then you may come under the functional scoliosis category and in the future which cause your spine to have an S- curve or C-Curve.

Is it normal to have an uneven chest?

If you are not involved in lifting anything heavy with your unbalanced chest then it can be normal, but life is not small you will think one day to do exercise, and the most dangerous exercise to do with the uneven chest is pull-ups, Avoid anything that is overhead activity.

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