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Posture Guru
Rangnath Gouda

Hi folks my name is Rangnath and I am known as posture guru. I created this blog to help people facing problems related to posture and muscle imbalances. I want to make understand people that how they can fix their posture and muscle imbalance problems all by themselves. The information that I will give about fixing your posture or muscle imbalances you will never get anywhere on the internet because I have personally experienced posture and muscle imbalance issues and after a lot of research and understanding muscle imbalances in-depth I was able to fix it. once you understand how your body works with the muscle and bone connection then you will be able to fix it easily. I do provide consultation for these issues personally with local gyms in Bangalore and I also consult online. Below you can read the short story of my past that you can also relate to yourself.

Real Story behind posture guru

Cricket is what I have played more than any other game in my life and it is a game where we use one side of our body which is our dominant side. You do bowling and batting with your dominant side. This is one of the reasons for my muscle imbalance and future poor postural problems. But you never notice or feel muscle imbalance when you play cricket you notice when you start weight lifting exercises suddenly you feel your right side stronger and your left side more weaker. Your weaker side give-up early compared to another dominant side while weight lifting. so to fix this I started to train my weaker side more but there was no result and my imbalances were increasing. I was frustrated and I decided to take some help and find a solution for it with the help of a physiotherapist and personal trainers. Guess what all my money was wasted because nobody has ever fixed this problem and they say that this is normal. But ask yourself a question why we have back pain, knee pain, or neck pain one of the main reasons is muscle imbalances. If you don’t solve it now it will cost you in the future guaranteed. After wasting my money I decided to fix it all by myself i started researching on the internet and even I reached to people online who claim to fix it but the same answer workout your weaker side more than the dominant side. I started to read anatomy books understanding the functions of muscle helped me a lot in modifying the exercises. I used to write the exercise sequences that were working for me and one day I decoded muscle imbalance but it took me 4 years. Today I can say that you can fix your muscle imbalances even with a short span of 10 to 15 days also. If you want to know how you can check out my eBook Human Bio-mechanics optimization or if you want me to help personally you can mail me your request at [email protected]