Posture assessment and correction 2021

Posture assessment and correction
Posture assessment and correction

As we grow old we start to develop bad posture and it is a result of our bad habits, using your one side of the body more, bad seating position, sleeping and standing form, etc. and we have to deal with its consequences leading to different forms of body pain and low energy levels. But the good news is that we can fix your posture no matter what your age is. To fix posture we need to first do an assessment of our body and know under which category of bad posture our body comes and then further we can start working on a correction. The below image shows the different forms of bad posture that we humans develop as we grow with our age.

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1) Hollow back Posture

From the picture, you can clearly see that you have weak lower abdominal muscles and strong upper abdominal muscles. If you look at the antagonist’s muscles hyperextended lumbar spine and slouched upper back which leads to weak thoracic spine muscles. Correction is that you need to stretch the strong muscles and strengthen the weak muscles as we know now the strong and weak muscles.

2) Flat pelvis posture and slumping posture

A flat pelvis posture is also called posterior pelvic tilt. It is caused due to overdeveloped glutes muscles and weak hip flexors in the lower body and strong abdominal muscles, strong chest muscles, and weak back muscles. It is the result of seating in a slouched posture. Men are more prone to flat pelvis posture.

3) Military posture

According to me, military posture is not a bad posture condition that you need to worry about it is caused due to seating in an erect state and strong back muscles, and weak abdominal and chest muscles. It’s completely okay to have a military posture.

4) Rounded shoulders posture

It is caused due to seating in a slouched state in front of computers or training more chest and shoulder muscles. stretching the chest and anterior shoulder muscles and strengthening the thoracic muscles should fix this condition easily.

5) Asymmetrical shift or asymmetrical posture

Externally rotated leg
Externally rotated leg

If you have one-sided externally rotated leg then chances are you are having asymmetrical posture. According to me this type of posture condition if you have then you should be worried as it will causes different joint-body pain from your lower back to knee pain etc. In the picture, you can see that one of the shoulders is high compared to the other shoulder and one side hip is high. In this case, you have one side anterior oblique muscles stronger and strong posterior oblique muscles on another side. so to fix it we need to stretch the both contralateral oblique chain of muscles.

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