How to correct externally rotated leg or shortened and externally rotated leg?

Is your leg externally rotated? more when you stand or when you sleep you see that your one leg is more externally rotated compared to other? In such cases, you should also check if you find one leg longer than the other or one leg shorter than the other. In most of cases, the externally rotated leg or hip is the shorter leg. You can check your legs in a sleeping position and see if one is externally rotating and when you take your legs close to each other you may find that your externally rotated leg is shorter.

Externally rotated leg

Externally rotated leg
Externally rotated leg

If you find that one of your legs is externally rotating then you should start thinking of how to fix, because the external rotation of the leg is the sign of muscle imbalance in the legs and it is very difficult to know which leg is stronger since you cannot identify through your naked eyes. Muscle imbalance in your legs travels upside in your body and soon you will start to see muscle imbalance in your core and then in your thoracic region because your upper body is completely dependent on your lower body.

Externally rotated leg and its relation with functional leg length discrepancy

It’s Always the externally rotated leg that appears shorter and remember that your leg is not shorter in reality. Strong abductor muscles on the shorter leg pull the hip down and make us feel like our leg is shorter. This sentence is very useful if you have a functional leg length discrepancy which is caused due to muscle imbalance then you can correct it with the stretching and strengthening exercises and there is no need to use shoe lift to balance out your body unless you have a real limb length discrepancy where one of your leg bone is shorter in such cases exercises will not be effective and you have to go to a chiropractor who will definitely suggest you use the shoe lifts.

leg length discrepancy
leg length discrepancy

leg length discrepancy symptoms

  1. Feeling more weight on one side of the body
  2. The feeling of upper body rotated
  3. Tightness in hips
  4. External rotation of the leg
  5. Knee pain and sacroiliac joint

Correcting one leg shorter than the other exercises (Shortened and externally rotated leg)

When your one leg is externally rotated that leg will have the strong glutes muscles and the other will have weak glutes muscles so strengthening the weak and stretching the strong glutes muscles will solve the problem, but if you want to correct your leg length discrepancy issues or externally rotated legs permanently and quickly I highly recommend you to check my book Human bio-mechanics optimization this book will not only help you in correcting your leg length discrepancy problem but will also help you in correcting muscle imbalances in your entire body.