How long does it take to fix muscle imbalance and posture ? 2021

Six years back even I had the same question “How long does it take to fix muscle imbalance ?” I asked to my personal trainer and he had no answer and he said it may take years to fix. He advised me to have higher reps on the weaker side compared to the stronger, But it didn’t work in fact I had no growth in my muscles and the muscles imbalance was not correcting at all. Frankly to tell there is nobody who can help you to correct your muscle imbalances and only you can fix it yourself this is the conclusion that I came after wasting my money spending with a physiotherapist, personal trainers, etc. So I decided to do an in-depth study on the muscle imbalance and finally, I decoded the science behind muscle imbalance. Muscle imbalance is a puzzle that I have solved its complicated, but easy once you understand. Muscle imbalance looks very difficult to fix in less time for example within a month, but the truth is that it’s more easier to fix once you identify the weak and strong muscles throughout your body, you can easily fix them. If you have uneven chest muscles, it’s not only the chest you have muscle imbalances but throughout your body, but normally we try to correct only chest muscles which will not correct muscle imbalances but increases the imbalances. So understanding how to correct is more important.

If you are looking for a solution to fix muscle imbalance no matter what your problem is you can mention your problem in detail I will help you and will share the complete solutions and exercises. you can submit the below form.

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So how long does it take to fix muscle imbalance or posture ? within a month ?

Yes, it is possible to fix muscle imbalance within a month. You just cannot fix muscle imbalance by doing higher reps on the weaker side instead you need to identify the weak and strong muscles. you have to do stretching and strengthening exercises. You can check my article on how to fix uneven pecs to have an idea to correct your muscle imbalance or else you can check my book Human bio-mechanics optimization which is available on Amazon in all the markets. It is written in layman’s terms so that anybody can understand and also the price is very less in the future the price may increase as I will be updating the book consistently. This book will be helpful for people having below Muscle imbalance problems.

  1. Uneven pecs and uneven lats.
  2. Unequal leg length or leg length discrepancy and Externally rotated leg.
  3. Shoulder imbalance, Uneven shoulder height, or one side shoulder rolled forward.
  4. Uneven core muscles or uneven hips/ waist.
  5. Glute imbalance.
  6. Rotated spine or twisted core.

You need to read this 36-page book and understand how to unlock your body muscles and then re-engage the muscles back. After reading this book you will not worry about the question of how long does it take to fix muscle imbalance? but you will be more interested in how quickly I can fix muscle imbalances. Once you understand the science behind muscle imbalance you will be able to correct any part of your body muscle imbalance and you will start getting results from day one. Today I laugh at myself thinking about my past before 6 years where I didn’t know anything about muscle imbalances and wish that if someone would have provided me this information earlier then I would be free from muscle imbalances and would have a balanced body a little earlier, but frankly there very few people who are aware of this knowledge.

Frequently asked questions on time taken to fix muscle imbalances

Below you can find answers to the time taken to fix muscle imbalance for the different body parts. Let’s see one by one.

How long does it take to fix muscle imbalance in shoulders and biceps by bodybuilding?

Shoulders are the most mobile part of our human body and if you have a muscle imbalance in your shoulders and biceps, then there are very high chances of getting an injury if you are involved in bodybuilding exercises, especially if you are doing any overhead exercises like pull-ups. So if you think doing bodybuilding exercises will fix your uneven shoulders or arms, then you are wrong, instead, you should stretch the strong muscles for at least 5 min and strengthen the weak muscles by band exercises, lifting heavy weights will cause injuries for sure. By doing stretching and strengthening exercises daily, it can take up to two to three months to fix your asymmetrical shoulders and biceps. But if you want to fix it earlier than this, please do contact me on my mail, so that I can help you with the correct exercises to fix uneven shoulders.

How long does it take to fix muscle imbalance in the legs?

Muscle imbalance in your legs is the root cause of the muscle imbalance in your upper body. If you are standing on one leg for a long time which is mostly your dominant side then your center of gravity will be misaligned and this will cause your entire body to have muscle imbalances, and if you have leg imbalance then one of your legs must be externally rotated and the same leg can appear shorter which is called as leg length discrepancy. Muscle imbalance in legs can be fixed within a month with the correct exercises for more info check out my article on it.

How long does it take to fix back muscle imbalances or uneven lats and uneven traps?

Lats are the biggest back muscle in our body so if lats are uneven, your entire back is uneven along with your shoulders and traps. The most important reason for the uneven lats is excessive one-sided or dominant side rotational movements or regularly lifting heavy on one side. Uneven lats if ignored and not corrected can cause functional scoliosis, where your spine can undergo an S or C curve and start to have pain near your neck since you will have uneven traps. Fixing back muscles in quick time is a little complicated and challenging but yes it can be fixed in one or two months if the exercises are done accurately, for that you have to contact me on my mail.

How long does it take to fix uneven waist or tilted hip or rotated hip?

Have you ever seen your waist in the mirror and found that you have uneven waist curves, that means you have a rotated hip or tilted hip and it is the root cause of the lower back pain near the sacroiliac joint, Also I have main queries on my mail asking if uneven waist causes scoliosis, to make it clear uneven waist is not scoliosis always, you may have an uneven waist but your spine can still be straight, but you do not correct uneven waist then in future it can lead to functional scoliosis. Once again the main reason for the uneven waist is your bad habit of standing on one leg or bad sitting or sleeping positions. Again correcting uneven waist is complicated and challenging since it is a part of core muscles but definitely can be fixed in one or two months.

I suggest you send me a mail with all your muscle imbalance issues and I will definitely help you in fixing the muscle imbalances.

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  1. I liked the content of this article. I’m very related. this has been my problem until now. I also don’t know why I had glute imbalance but maybe also because of certain activities of daily life. It used to be okay until I noticed and I really felt that they were different in size. the one on my left is bigger and stronger than the one on my right. so I was very worried that it might never go back to normal and I couldn’t fix it on my own. I was happy after reading this…Im looking forward to buy ur ebook, I really hope that helps me and worth it as well

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